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Evergreen Pendant Necklace


Product Type: Necklace

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Open your style to a world of color with the brightly colored accessories from the Zeal Collection. This colorful handcrafted collection brings visual interest to a plane outfit, brightens dark outfits with pops of color and enhances personal style and the jewelry from this collection are crafted with unique glass beads and silk cord that feels soft and smooth.

Design Details:

  • The glass beads are handcrafted therefore please expect variations in the patterns and sizes of each pair of earrings.

  • The glass beads have two tones, the top half is opaque and the bottom half is transparent allowing light to shine through the bottom half.

  • The entire length of the necklace measures 18 inches with a 2 inch chain extender.

  • Pendant hangs from silver colored silk cord that is soft, smooth and strong.